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“Oh Lord, help us to understand that the sorrow of a loss is but the measure of a love that is stronger than death.”
– Rev. Timothy Johnson in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Poortenga_Maksim’s Gift
When I looked at the photograph given, I made a connection to how beautiful bouquets of flowers coincide with the death of a loved one among other instances. More specifically to me was the passing of my Grandparents.

Then I thought of how every time my son finds a flower, he gives it to me with love abounding. Every decision I made regarding this work was made with those memories in mind, reminding me that love is remembered and love goes on. I’m dedicating this magnolia painting to my son Maksim. He inspires me every day to create, explore, and be the best version of myself.

Kristin Poortenga
Maksim’s Gift
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 in.


My work presents visual representations of cosmic archetypal patterns of female consciousness and wisdom.

I aim to express the connection between human consciousness and the divine or supernatural realms, which exist beyond ordinary experiences. I relay this connection through mythological figures and symbolism.

Brittany Vance
Blood Moon
Woodblock and linoleum print
16 x 20 in.



As a scientific illustrator, art and science are tightly twined together in my life and I am inspired to celebrate this through landscapes, botanical studies and portraits of nature’s creatures. I hope to reveal a bit of the wonderment I find in simple subjects by drawing attention to something beautiful or unique about them that might normally be overlooked or taken for granted. I am especially interested in raising awareness about issues faced by threatened or exploited populations, be they human, bird or bumblebee.

Field sketching is a cornerstone of scientific illustration. I cannot imagine visiting a local zoo, much less traveling abroad, without a sketchbook. Travel and field sketching generate a deeper appreciation for humanity and the planet. Drawing forces us to slow down, notice, reflect, cherish, consider… What I’ve gained from these experiences is a driving responsibility to protect human rights and a passionate environmentalism. Through my artwork, I pray my steady, hopeful voice brings greater attention to how we can contribute to solutions and healing. As such, I enthusiastically seek projects and exhibition opportunities that support environmental activism and social justice. My ongoing life goal is to use my art as a vehicle to generate conversation about these critical topics.

If field sketching sparks new awareness and intimacy, then creating finished prints satisfies an eagerness for studio challenges. I greatly enjoy learning the complicated processes of traditional printmaking. Intaglio and relief printing, linoleum block in particular, has been an especially satisfying outlet formy creative energies.

Carrie Carlson
Snowy Owl
Linoleum Block Print
33 x 27 in.

The Terra Vellum series is an exploration contrasting organic forms and various materials. The hope is not only to create visual tension between the forms but also to cause the viewer to question or examine the significance of the relationships between the forms, the materials, and their role or mythology. The spirit and connotation that each of the materials and their forms bring to the work must be considered as the viewer constructs meaning or purpose.

Mike Perrott
Manis Hallucinor pars Capto caelus
Iron/steel, canvas, steel wire, mat medium
15 x 15 x 13 in.


I am looking to push the boundaries of the expectation of symmetricity in functional ceramic ware by presenting forms that emphasize the mark-making that derives naturally through the process of building.

Through the intentional emphasis on the artist’s touch, there tends to be irregularities that inher- ently occur within the form, that I choose not only to leave, but embrace.

I feel these elements, paired with the details of the surface design enhance the sense of femininity that I am looking to portray through my pieces.
The figurative qualities within my work are also meant to spark curiosity from the viewer, whether it be recalling works of early 20th century artists looking to push the boundaries of the female nude in art, or wondering if that nude figure will deter them from using a platter for platter purposes.

Dee Sroka
Nesting Platters with Figure
18” dia.


My artwork is a reflection of my life experiences and encounters. The travels I make to various countries and the observations I make along the way find their way into my paintings. I find inspiration in the cultural traditions of every location I find myself painting in. Through my paintings, I aim to capture the desires, philosophies, languages and myths of various cultures in past, present, and future societies.

Alicia Post
Acrylic on wood
20 x 48 in.


Free-falling is exhilarating whether real or imagined. While both are dramatic experiences, only one involves an actual risk.

An eagle represents the exhilarating freedom of imagined flight as it embodies the dreamer’s dream of a warm sunset where everything is bathed in light. Truly an inviting sight.

Kristin Poortenga
Dream in Flight
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 in.

In the aftermath of a toxic relationship, we’re taken for a psychological thriller of lost love spiraling out of control.

The psychological thriller’s protagonist, Carrie, goal is to move forward with her life but can’t shake the feeling of being followed and all the weird gestures happening recently throughout the days after the recent break-up. Her mother and friends surrounding her only think she becomes paranoid, where she doesn’t believe anyone is actually listening to her concern. Eventually, being influenced Carrie opens up to the first guy who gives her the slightest attention with knowing little information about him. Not seeing the signs, she is blind-sided for what the outcome is about to appear to be between multiple con- nections she has to piece together. Carrie is all on her own to figure out the puzzle because her peers view her as paranoid and want her to just live her life already.

Lauren Barnes
My Lost Love