2016 Editor’s Dialogue

           I learned about Reconstructed as I was first navigating the waters at Governors StateUniversity. Two weeks into my undergraduate studies, a pair of editors came to advertise for submissions in one of my literature courses. I immediately recognized an opportunity for a real-world setting within the GSU community to gain experience in publishing works of student-created art, and I jumped at the chance to join their crew. I attended editorial board meetings and watched as a talented group of students transformed Reconstructed from an online publication to a physical journal and an updated blog. My studies in literature had set sail, and the journal seemed to voyage alongside them. I experienced trial-and-error: the turbulent waves of creation as well as the tranquil seas of success.


           As I anchored myself into GSU, Reconstructed also began to find its mooring, making itspresence known on campus. Submissions rolled in from students across disciplines; I was inspired to find that the journal provided a haven for a widespread, active, and engaged artistic community. Surprising benefits of the journal emerged as we cast our net in the university: We acquired skillsin marketing and networking, and connected with a great number of students and faculty across campus.

           Reconstructed has evolved into a beautifully composed journal, based on the efforts of the many masterful hands that have taken part in its formation. In the last semester of my undergraduate studies, I accepted the position as its editor-in-chief. The journal that I inherited was not the maidenship that I had first seen on the horizon but now a tightly run vessel with an impressive presence onthe GSU campus. I am positive that Reconstructed will continue as a significant contribution to thestudent experience at Governors State University, and as it continues its journey, I will also.

           The journal would not exist without the contributions of the GSU community. Each semester, we greatly anticipate reviewing the submissions of literary and visual arts, and we are always impressed with the huge amount of talent that is present here at GSU. To the artists who have submitted their works, we are so grateful for your contributions and look forward to seeing what else emerges from the waves of your creative consciousness.

Sarah Hirsch,