2017 Editor’s Dialogue

“A total work of art is only possible in the context of the whole of society. Everyone will be a necessary co-creator of a social architecture, and, so long as anyone cannot participate, the ideal form of democracy has not been reached.

                                                                                                                                      —Joseph Beuysi


A story-teller lights a match when she releases her work into the world. The flame gains strength as each reader is ignited from within, and it is fueled further as the story is passed hand-to-hand. Conversation about the work pours gas on the fire: as critics offer praise and condemnation of it, the flame grows. Suddenly, or perhaps over a great length of time, the match-sized flame has covered an expanse as it penetrates the minds and hearts of readers. Art does not exist without collaboration. The artist-audience relationship is rarely dual; more often it expands, connecting members of the community in their shared appreciation of the works. Here at Governors State University, we are fortunate not only to be located within a community of great appreciation of the arts but also elevated by the necessary funding which allows for students to publicize their artwork. Throughout the nation, arts programs are at risk for defunding, an action which would eliminate the exposure of art and stifle the flame that is so necessary to humanity. Reconstructed is GSU’s student-created journal of visual and literary arts. We are privileged in being provided the platform of university support, both through funds and audience, which gives us the strength to grow our fire. As students, we are experimenting with the sensations of exposing our art,
the baring of our souls, to readers and viewers. This platform is necessary to our future careers bringing our art, our flame, into society. To those who prioritize the arts in the public sphere, we are grateful for you.



Sarah Hirsch