2017 Faculty Advisor’s Dialogue

By Dr. Christopher White, Associate Professor of English

Seven years ago, three English majors approached me with the idea of starting an art and literary journal at GSU. Their vision was to create a publication that would give students an opportuni- ty for self-expression in writing, in visual arts, and in filmmaking. The students proposed the name Reconstructed because, in their words, they wanted a title that would reflect how so many GSU students are adults reinventing and improving their lives. Of course, a lot has changed at GSU since then, but the original vision for a student-run journal that provides a venue for artful self-expression has not changed.

What a pleasure to see our 8th issue into print! Every year the success of this journal depends on the leadership and energy of a new group of students who bring their own unique vision and talents to the work involved in publishing a literary-arts journal: from the planning, fundraising, and soliciting and evaluating of submissions, to the design, editing, and final production of the journal.

If you’ve read Reconstructed before, you might notice that it looks different this year. In the fall, we were fortunate to have a number of visual artists join the staff; this resulted in a dramatic re-design of our print format. For this we owe a special thanks to Sarah Hirsch and Victoria Strole, whose energetic and highly competent editorial leadership have made this issue a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands, reality. I’d like to also acknowledge the thoughtful and committed work of our editorial staff: Aryana Adkanian, Mike Capecci, Dan Coglianese, Michael Perrott, Samantha Schmidt, and Haley Walsh. I also want to applaud our student graphic designers, Greg Austin and Kristin Poortenga, who helped to create the beautiful and dramatic re-design of our print format.

In choosing Reconstructed as the title of this journal, those first student-editors wanted to high- light the idea of reinvention, rebirth, new beginnings. I think that’s a perfect theme for GSU’s own literary-arts journal. Because, while students of all ages, with all varieties of experience come to learn at GSU—we’re all doing the work of beginning again. It seems right to do that work artfully. And so, we invite you to enjoy the work of GSU students who are doing just that.