2019 Editor-in-Chief’s Reflection

By Sarah Wiora

When we think of community, many things may come to mind. We may think of the physical space we occupy: the buildings, landmarks, and natural landscapes that surround us in our daily lives. We may think of the communities we form with others when spending time in a particular place or with a particular group of people: our community at school, at work, in various clubs and organizations. We may also think of community in the broadest sense of the term: our global community.

Interwoven into all of these communities is a community of artists, writers, and poets; people who seek the meaning even in the most painful aspects of life, and who strive to articulate that meaning through creativity. We are able to connect with one another through art and literature, and thus, able to form our own community. At a point in time when there is a sense of unease within many of our communities, it is comforting to find connection and understanding with others, whether they are at our school, in our home town, or living on another continent; it is especially comforting and beautiful when that connection is made through any form of creative expression.

It has been an absolute honor to be a part of the community of students and artists here
at Governors State University, and to be a part of the incredible community of creatives at Reconstructed. I hope you will find a sense of connection and community in the pages of this journal.