A Letter to My Husband

By Kamesha Gordon

This life is void of matter comparable to you
However, I shall commit vast effort to express what you mean to me

You are a gust of wind when I cannot breathe
We climb the world together, passing pine trees
Your back is a mountain, challenges cannot conquer it
Your eyes are the bustling seas, I would gladly drown in

The lines of your palms, empower me so easily
The pigment of your skin, seduces me so readily
The depth of your voice, softens me so instantly

You are the only pharaoh, of our habitation
You are the source, of frustration & stimulation
You are a thought, when I cannot form one
You are patience, in our marathons you run

You are growth, you are transformation
You are forgiveness, you are a continuation
You are focus, you are unity, you are…
You & me

You are a wild fire, in the forest of fear
You are still in strife, you are always here
You are fortitude, when I have an attitude
You are merciful, and I extend my gratitude

You are nearly than 2,000 days of the right choice
You are the roots of why I rejoice
You are a friend, protector, and lover like no other
A toast to you, My Husband…
Shall I pour another?