a poem I wrote when I was alone, with the internet

By Joshua Riley

It’s four am
I am trolling the internet
like a great sea-faring vessel
my net expansive

Searching for meaning
I don’t need the glow of neon signs
crawling across my windshield
It’s uncomfortably cold, so I venture on
my journey through the Facebook, the reddit-teers mitigating the known universe for the uninitiated (thank you for your service), and the hyper-mediated texts revealing the subtle truths of things unseen
of smiling people and slightly confused comments

I don’t remember why I’m awake

The status is freedom,
but freedom’s not for sale.
The status is political,
but no one is listening.
The status tells of songs,
but no body sings anymore.

The internet is loud in my ears,
the volume, the noise of it all
as if the universe were a clanging symbol
I am only an ear to hear it all.

We went to the moon on an Acme rocket,
we went to the bottom of the ocean in a Yellow submarine,
some day they will have expeditions to the center of the internet,
and they will say, ‘no one has seen the core, no one has seen it before’

There will be things on this guided tour, a little alligator shaped bus,
a megaphone to overcome the noise, and a tour guide,
a savvy down-and-outer, who else would take this job,
and he will point us to the invention of Facebook,
a movie was made of it,
and when google took over Youtube and scorched the sky,
when they made 4-D glasses and we could see the future

because no one wants to look at the past