About Us



Reconstructed is an organization built around the literary and visual arts journal that also supports various forms of creative expression. Reconstructed events and workshops function to further enrich individual creativity and celebrate artistic innovation; such activities include workshops, film screenings, poetry readings, spoken word performances, and contests. The imaginative atmosphere of the population at Governors State University culminates into a digital and print issue for the Reconstructed Literary and Visual Arts journal to showcase productive and innovative manifestations that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The Reconstructed organization comprises of two levels with various degrees of responsibilities and authority: the editorial staff and the operations staff.

  • The editorial staff consists of the faculty advisor, student editor in chief, associate editor, and an editor per genre showcased in the journal. The editorial staff requires dedicated members to have productive meetings, sometimes with the faculty advisor, in order to evaluate, edit, and publish submissions collected into an issue for the journal.
    • For a member to join the editorial staff, the member must: demonstrate reliable attendance and participation during events, an ability to adapt to changes, an ability to listen to others and reach a compromise, and an ability to edit and provide feedback on submissions to the journal.


  • The operations staff consists of an event planner, social media expert, marketing, graphic designer, and administration officers. Each of these roles is essential for the functioning of the organization’s activities so each role in the operations staff requires dedicated personnel to fulfill the individual responsibilities per role.
    • For a member to join the operations staff, the member must: demonstrate reliable attendance and performance in the assigned role, an ability to adapt to changes and practice better judgment when performing duties, an ability to listen to others, and an ability to communicate respectfully and timely with other members of the Reconstructed organization.

Executive board members can be either operations staff or editorial staff; these positions are for student organization president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc. These positions are elected democratically when there is an opening.

Remember to be creative and to be respectful of other’s creativity. Consider each other’s feedback and help each other foster creative expression. The idea behind Reconstructed’s name is that once something is already created (whether it’s an idea or a project), you can return to it and continue to improve it. Every opinion and role is valued at Reconstructedbecause each effort brings us closer to greater achievement.