By William Schranz

There is no She

                     She does not exist.

                     She is not the transcendental figment of the intersubjective

                                           place where analogy forms ex nihilo

                      She is not a process towards becoming.

                      She is not tautology exerting itself as the beginning middle and end,

                                            of temporality through the word “because.”

She is negation . That which cannot be itself

                       with out the fundamental restructuring of all that is.

She is revolution

                       The contradiction spun upon itself, She is creation

                       forming from the clash of Cause and Because.

                       – She is not now- but the future at the end of potentialities.

She becomes the Because of Cause through the radical assertion

                       of a self-same Event that transfixes a parrallaxing of paradox

                       into a state where the chaos becomes identifiable as something which

                       can be named as such only through shifts in perspective.

She is Beauty – Beauty is discontinuous

                       She is the narrative retrospectively constructed from an Event like

                       reality – but not something that took place as Real – constructed and

                       reconstructed to make the absence of Truth in any given situation

                       capable to be introduced into something for understanding.

She that which makes the story function as if meaning

                       had a fixed position; anchored in concrete.