Candy Corn

By Robert Meyers

My name is Mandy, here to warn
I am a candy corn
I come to you from inside
Where most treats hide
Biding their time
On Halloween night
A trick or treat bag
It is a drag
So bouncy from
The kids around me
I want to ask why
There is no flask for my
Candy family; An answer
Would be dandy
Since we were born
Out of the brain
Of a sane man
His name was George
Why weren’t we porridge?
Our main production
Has been for one combustion
The Halloween season,
There has to be a reason
My mood has been mellow
Just ask my end that’s yellow
My center is orange
No need for a syringe
Let me ask you something
Why the hell does pumpkin
Get all the attention?
I’ve failed to mention
The lack of affection
For my white tip
Perfect for dip
We may be of small size
Waiting to be magnified
But there’s no reason why
We shouldn’t be made
A flavor of Gatorade
How about coffee?
Or some kind of toffee?
A candy corn bar?
We don’t come from Mars
More options to eat us
Don’t mean to be divas
All we have are pretzels
Not much for the kettle
Candy corn cookie mix
Just don’t make us taste like bricks
I don’t want to cause fights
Able to play nice
We and the pumpkins
Under no assumptions
Sugar and corn syrup
All you need for people
To show up
And some coloring
Wanna be different?
Pick out tangerine
After you mix the wax
No need for a tax
Put in the binders
And the stores will send in
Their finders
That’s all the ingredients
You need for us to be
We don’t want a raise
But what do we need to do
In order to be considered
A craze?
We don’t want dysfunction
But even pumpkins have their function
We’re here for Christmas
If you want to mix us
We’re also living
To be served for Thanksgiving
If it makes it easier
We’ll be pink around Easter
We’re not stupid
We’re even here for Cupid
Celebrate the amendments
With blue and red for Independence
What do you say?
Has this been a decent display
For why we should be heated
Before we are eaten
We know its exploitation
But it’s a means of salvation
We are here, too,
And not just as a supplement
How about the main event?
For when you say, “BOO!”
We want to be included
Instead of booted
When it comes time
To spend the dimes
On seasonal flavors
Haters gonna be haters
All those are quacks
Who made us believe orange is the new black