2018 Editor-in-Chief’s Dialogue

By Haley Walsh

My first year as Editor-in-Chief compelled me to contemplate what I intended the journal to do for the University over the course of the year. Beginning the year with a decided theme for Reconstructed of “identity” changed the way many of us viewed our function of the journal from an abstract representation of the creative works of students to a concrete force that could assist students in their creative endeavors through workshops and events.

Identity is deeply intertwined with Literature and the Visual Arts as they cannot exist without the ideologies and identity of their creator nor can they be viewed in a vacuum without the ideologies and identities of the audience. Reconstructed aimed to explore the various identities and their fluidity across the University and how by creating art, through the various mediums displayed in this year’s journal, students and alum constructed and reconstructed their identities, performed them, and understood them in the context of the University as students and from their respective homes.

What we’ve created in this year’s journal is a snapshot of the student body you see in the cafeteria with friends, pouring over books in the library, and navigating the winding the halls of GSU to create who we are.