Fall 2014 Editor’s Dialogue

I’m proud to publish the final issue that Reconstructed will release under my editorship. I’ve been a part of Reconstructed’s endeavors since I first started out as a mere submission my first semester at Governors State University. The idea behind Reconstructed’s name is that once something is already created (whether it’s an idea or a project), you can return to it and continue to improve it. When I first started classes at GSU, I sought out my people — the weirdo artists. Dr. White, my professor for Major American Authors, talked to me about the journal during a class and I enthusiastically told him how serious I was about creative writing, particularly poetry. So, I submitted around 5 works of poetry because I viewed my submissions as not only a chance for validation of my talent but also as a flag to like-minded people — to the creative freaks that stalk the hallways of Governors State vacuuming up objective information so that they can transpose their knowledge into something that is original and meaningful to their individual expression; unfortunately, there is a minimal creative presence at Governors State University. Thus, there is not much of a culture that motivates students to takes risks and display their creative endeavors in a way that values them.

So, when I was invited to join Reconstructed, I said, yes, because I wanted to be apart of that change at Governors State. I wanted the creative community to come out of the shadows and demonstrate how remarkable
human passion, ambition, and fearlessness can be, and to show the community how it can carry us. We are all our own worst critics. Everyone else’s tastes are just about as predictable as a game of minesweeper. The creative writing world is not made for those who second guess themselves — that’s not how creativity is meant to function. Creativity beats against cages like birds’ wings and writers cannot allow arbitrary insecurities to hold themselves back. If you do that, then you will never improve nor will you ever learn how to turn around and look at yourself honestly and objectively.

We must always reconstruct ourselves. Write. Re-write. Draw. Re-draw. Paint. Re-paint.


It’s been a pleasure, GSU. Keep creating.