For the Hood (Chicago)

By Nathaniel Wilkerson III

How do you start it and tell us
Stop The Violence
Cause you didn’t hear the gun shots
You just heard the sirens
For street niggas and feds
It’s a code of silence
In order to get away with murder
Red, White, and Blue
Put on the nation’s gang colors
And get a gun license

Where you from?
Princeton, Harvard, Yale
Living on the systems street
Difference is the institution you in
Getting you ready for jail
Little did you know
Knowledge is the average cost of bail

Can’t Produce Shit
Except hoopers and musicians
John Rawls had it right
The only principal I see is Difference

Cause where I’m from…
Niggas ride around strapped
With no seatbelt on
It be cold in the car
But the heat still on
That’s why I stayed in school
Got my bands up
12 come around
I know to bring my voice down
Pull my pants up
Keep my mouth shut
Raise my hands up

Fuck the U.S.
…Not what it stand for
I learn more when I’m out of school
And that’s really
What I’m paying for!