Free: Based on the Life of Frederick Douglas

by Aidah Abdallah

Look at me what do you see?
I’m a man of color fighting to be free
Unknown to the date I was born
I was a slave with no life of my own

I witness too many white men’s angry eyes
They called me savage and barbaric, but they are full of lies
God blessed me with the knowledge to read
This was very rare for slaves, yes indeed

I escaped from slavery at the age of twenty
I left all my belongings and all my money
I ran as fast as I could from this awful place
Someday I hope to free the rest of my race

You can’t silence a slave who has strong convictions
Every ounce of his body screams for equal justice and protection

As a free man of color, I participated in the civil war as a fighter
I successfully became an orator, statesman, abolitionist, advocate for
women’s right and a writer.

As I lay down in my grave to rest
I continue to contemplate did I do my best?
I protest, let me out! There’s more for me to do
It’s too late now I’m gone from this world, as you will too
Look at me what do you see?
I’m a human being who is now free