Got a Friend with HIV

by Claude Robert Hill, IV

Got a friend with HIV.
This is what he just told me.
I remember him as a little boy,
with playful feet.
That touched the palms of my hands…
A precious baby boy;
who I was so happy to meet.
A captured moment that I shall forever keep.
I got a friend with HIV.
Who means so much to me.
I am crying for him actually.
Don’t want anyone to steal away
the beautiful person;
that he has come to be.
Don’t want folks and things to steal away his hopes
and his living dreams.
I can remember who he was and
what he still means to me.
Come on Child of God sit right here next to me.
I don’t give a fuck, if you have HIV.
Come here and sit right next to me.
Come on now and know that you are safe sitting
right here next to me.
Give me a hug!
I’ll hug you back!
Look at your feet.
Look at the grown man that you have become.
A styles battling dancer on the run.
Winning dancing competitions here and there.
In the face of those sometimes unknown fears.
Don’t you know how dear you are to me?
You are my friend.
Can’t you see?
I don’t care if you have HIV.
Because I still have your baby feet memories
flowing through my tears.
I can remember when you used to hug my ear…
that baby boy that you used to be.
Dangling your baby feet upon my loving palms.
I wish I could take your saddest tears away from you.
That is the God’s honest truth.
For there is nothing wrong with you.
For you are a Child of God, with HIV.
My friend sitting right here next to me.
I love and accept you.
That is my forever promise to you.
All my mortal days remaining
will be spent loving you.
So, lets get up and walk down this street.
Leave the ignorant folks,
where they be.
Because God gave you two good working feet to help people,
as you meet your Divine Destiny.
So, HIV means this to me.
Your (Heart) is (Infinite) at angelic (Velocities).