Inside Me

By Kamesha Gordon

Inside me there’s warmth, there’s love, there’s an aggressive nature
Inside me there’s anger, there’s generosity, but still dwells modesty
Inside me there’s comfort, there’s kindness, there’s levels of stress
Inside me there’s sincerity, rarely clarity, yet I desire to share me
With my husband of course, he knows all too well my inner parts
From sensual moment to playful banter…pushing me around on shopping carts
Inside me there’s a passion that goes untapped, unwrapped, it remains capped
Inside me there’s boldness, yet timidity… I don’t always know how to express me
I often don’t know how to define me…I’m off balance …Want him to align me
His heart has been assigned to me and I accept it gladly
For inside me dwells madly an intensity to love him into eternity
Inside me lies anxiousness, cleverness, but nevertheless
Sometimes I lack progress
Inside me lies a desire to be pleasing unto God, The Father
But when I enter my place of prayer… my mind tends to wander
Inside me there’s complexity… sometimes my emotions get the best of me
I often feel like someone is testing me
But when’s the final exam?
Inside me I have many questions, Who am I? Who I am?
Inside me there’s a mixture of wisdom and foolishness
Inside me there’s confidence, awkwardness, and the ability to be limitless
Inside me there’s a safe where I keep husband’s first kiss
I relish moments to reminisce
Inside me, I only want to do what is right
Inside me is a fear of death
A fear of nothingness
Yet Inside me there is Faith, in God, Heaven, and Hell
My fears, I keep in a shell… too uncomfortable to tell
I’ll never know all that dwells in me…maybe if the hubby digs deep
Possibly between the sheets… he can feel what I can’t see
But most importantly
Inside me dwells my baby…who I can’t wait to meet.