2018 Literature Editor’s Dialogue

By René Parks

The exploration of identity is an authentic extension of the craft of writing, and the responsiveness of reading. Examining the singularity of ones existence through literature is one of its triumphs. Governors State University’s student culture is diverse geographically, ethnically, and generationally. The literature and poetry featured in this particular issue, because of its relatedness to the theme, reflects the rich diversity that is intrinsic to the heritage and tradition of our university.

It has been such an honor to serve this year as Reconstructed’s Literature Editor. The journal’s team of creative and talented students has enlightened me in ways they may not realize during our work on the production of this 2017-18 issue. The scholarship in which we partake as students at Governors State University has a generative nature and the abundance is represented in this journal. I hope the contributors to this issue, issues past and future, continue to grace these readers with the pleasure of their creative work.