Missed Calls

By Nathaniel Wilkerson III

I’m on that same highway as you
But the windows are down
I’m playing music too,
But I’m still able to look around

I pulled up behind
And offered my assistance
I knew I was gon’ be late
But at the time,
It didn’t make a difference

As I…
The car.
I looked at my surroundings and
My mama said,
“When you help others, God will bless you, and together the God in you will go far”

An elder lady walked near me
Her first words were
Thank You!
I said, “I haven’t even helped you yet”
She said,
“That’s ok, I’m just glad God sent you”
I asked if she was religious

She had told me, “not really”
She told me she was spiritual
And glad that I was there to help involuntary

She looked me in my Eyes
I seen that her age was a disguise
She handed me a wrinkled hand
Immediately, I felt a wrinkle in Time

“What’s the most expensive thing you can buy?”

I said, “Freedom”
She looked at me and asked me, “Why?”
I looked back because I felt like I was wrong
I wanted another try
I was thinking of everything I could
The answer was somewhere for me to find
She said I was wrong,
The correct answer was the last thing on my mind…

The answer was, “Nothing.”

Cause Nothing is free

She said, “not even you”
She said, “not even me”
“Not even the roots nature put here to make sure that we breath”
Trees get cut down
So they can fulfill a need.

A need, by greed, to produce unproductive green

Freedom just a word
We don’t know what freedom really mean
The concept always called humanity
But, nobody answered

-We just let freedom ring