One Wish

By Natalie Pesick

I’m looking at the clock as the hours go by
Class gets out in a matter of time
I’m searching for the words that I want to say
Say it right to him in from of his face.

I was going to spell it out from A to Z
But you didn’t want to read the e-mail from me
The gossip comes clean at half past three
If you ask him anything then he will flee

If I had one wish
I would take back the time that we surely missed
But if you come back and apologize
Then I might reminisce and sure thick twice

It seems that we both make mistakes that we can’t break
But if you stab me in the back then I will crack
We got together in a time and place
He said nothing, just turned his face

What I will finally do is let my heart come true
I don’t want to let you go
My love is the reason I came back to you
I’m gonna get myself together and try to let you go
Because in my heart I know we can never be what I want