Outcast of Balance

By Andrew Besbekos

What is a flower
The smell of it pure divine
Petals swing in wind

The landscape of plain
Mountains as high as Everest
The highest point free

Nature is balance
Taking step by step our peace
The mind is freedom

We done under trees
In the Bree we smell the fruit
Each Apple drop free

Our paradise real
Pour the elixir of life
You dive to truth

Pools of energy
Synergy of our own stream
Push and pull our flow

This bliss is too few
The world has set out of its reach
Between dark and light

Outcasts and in-crowds
Winners and losers of time
All of which to short

We see yet we don’t
We think more and feel little
We all fall too short

What is and what not
Our paradise isn’t here
It’s within ourself

We let go and move
We swirl in the pools of life
Life can be messy

We are the future
The past and present is gone
We live the now

The now we thrive for
Is like a bow and arrow
Let the target fly

Our is target is here
Light at the far tunnel
Tight against our skin

We clench on to it
Like its our own puppy dog
Our very few loves

The love of outcasts
They are the defenders true
Of the hidden truth

We live divided
Paradise is all but gone
We find it within

Our balance here
Is our inner true spirit
Spirit that lives on

So in that pasture
One steps in as a shadow
The other a dove

The shadow lives deep
Weep in the pastures of light
Light within the dark

It is truly lost
Cries out all for truth and peace
The dove tests his will

The shadow was brave
It was exiled from false life
Looking for a home

The dove gives it gifts
The shadow transforms in light
The shadow is real

No more an outcast
The dove knew its pain of loss
Toss out of the truth

You will find the light
But here is a hint to know
The balance is you