Paradoxical Nature

By Andrew Besbekos

In the car we drive
We go to one place then the next
Over and over

Day by day we move
Feeling like “the flash” on wheels
Making time less known

For within the speed
We forget the life we lead
We shut ourselves in

Do we remember
The smell of natures ember
Before burnt metal

Liquify our earth
Rectify the truth of birth
Metal replace flesh

I rest my case us realists
Creator fiction

Thereby shadow win
Din din our meal is ready
Under flame and smoke

Do we remember
The feeling of crisp water
As we quenched our thirst

Aqua De Vida
Our blood thirsts for water
Water is our blood

Yet we thirst poison
Rotten drink of our defeat
Lessens the true sense

Tree that gives us breath
Yet death to nature by bill
Dollar reaks of ill

Death by Currency
Heresy of our making
Industrial hell

Profit yet needed
Money by material
Honey laced with rot

Money is not wealth
Money is measure of wealth
Assure you to breathe

Real wealth is our mind
Yet bind by commerce of lie
For we are spoiled

Elitists we are
Realists replace ideals
Because we have lost

We have forgotten
Internal beats external
Mind heart and our soul

Mind is the great Terra
Mind brought and wheel
Fire is alive

Fire is the breath
Like us in and out so on
Running running on

Internal is us
External is the water
Yin and Yang spin

What shall we do then
Let it be Let it all shift true
For nature is time

Order and chaos
They appear separate but not
Thy will command

Our climb to the peak
We see the valley ahead
Treacherous yet calm

So yet I say on
Be the nothingness within
The truth that you are