The Wolf

The Wolf

By Colleen Soppet

I see you standing there

Do you dare come near

Let go of your chains?

And take control of these reins?

I see the dark

The dangerous mark

That rests on your soul

It burns like a hot coal

It controls you with fear

There is so much to bare

You wish to let go

But its noose is your bow


That is the color of back

Against the wall

Crouched, not standing tall

Why do you give in

Please look up and lift that chin

In your hollow eyes there is life

Words can hurt, they cut like a knife

Dear Wolf, please stand up

I see your empty cup

I know your hunger

Awaken from your dark slumber

I see the light

I know your constant fight

Do not be afraid

Giving up is not a fair trade

Your heart is warm

Your soul is worn

Your body is beat

But this is not defeat

I will not run

I will not make fun

Show me your wounds

What makes you hollow at full moons

You are not a beast

Far from it at least

Your dark eyes glow

It’s quite the show

I wonder if you can see

What they do to me

They leave me paralyzed

My brain is Sterilized

Memories wiped clean

As my body starts to lean

I feel myself reach for you

But I know this is too good to be true

No matter what I say

Nothing is going to make you stay

You are a wolf, my dear

our dreams are something we will never share

You are a master a running

But you have my heart humming

I have tried to leave

But its something I have failed to achieve

So here I stand

Grasping for any sort of dry land

Drowning in this mess

Am I ever going to pass your test?

I am I enough or am I to much?

Or maybe its you who as lost touch

Maybe it is not on me

Maybe it is you who can’t be free

I sit here and blame myself

putting you on a higher shelf

Only to realize

Maybe I need to cut these ties

I want you to be happy

And trust me I am not being sappy

I am being sincere

I really do care

As I am sure you know

But I think its time for me to go

Before I walk away

I want you to know that I am okay

You did not break me

You did not make me flee

This is my own choice

I have found my voice

You need to do this on your own

I have no more time to loan

You are going to feel pain

But you have so much to gain

By letting your past go

And letting your tears flow

You have kept your heart a solid rock

But, dear wolf, you are in for a shock

The things you will feel

When you finally let yourself deal

with what holds you back

I promise, it is a fact

I know it is scary

Life is not always merry

but you deserve more

Now please wolf, get off the floor

I need to know you will be alright

and that you are going to fight

I do not want to leave you here to die

and watch your life pass you by

You are more than you think

The most beautiful words are written in ink

and they explain you

even when you are blue

There is beauty in your mind

Your heart and soul are kind

Gentle is your touch

Winning your heart would have been a clutch

Speaking of your heart

I could feel its warmth from the very start

I know you think its broke but it’s not

Its passion is still burning hot

See, dear wolf, you are still alive

You can still thrive

These battles are small

I promise you will not fall

You will not fail

You will prevail

But it all starts with you

and the kindness of a few

I believe in you my friend

And I will be here till the end

Watching from afar

As you begin to glow like a star

Dear Wolf, our chapter has come to an end

But life’s roads will continue to bend

Maybe one day we will meet

And for one more moment it will be sweet

But that will be fate

And for now I am running late

My Dearest Wolf be well

And thank you for a great story to tell.


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