Queen On Her Throne

By Shahenaz Ahmad

Tommy just wanted love Billy just wanted his picture perfect
A lost woman he thought she needed him for purpose
But she was confident and honest man
She ain’t really need him to make it to her promise land
Heaven like king said so many Kings dead
Using thy women to come up with a king’s spread
Eatin lavishly but savagely he ravage each
Woman that he come across calling them ya majesty
Except tommy she was just another masterpiece
Of black woman too strong leavin men in tragedy
Too many black men livin weak and that’s shame for ya
And heros like Malcolm built the brain for you
And held the torch try to pass on the flame for u
So we can hold our women down while we claim for em
See her beauty in a world that brought the pain to her
What’s deep is the critique of the self
It’s skewed, we only feel as deep as they felt
See black became a cliché
Disheikays and mother land talk are the only things that we praise
Couldn’t see value in the woman that was next to him
Cuz she was from the same ghetto that was a pest to him
And he assumed that she was angry rough oppressed to him
Not wine in the wilderness but unworthy to him
Take a shot when u depressed cause she’s depression
But he couldn’t see tommy was embodiment of blessins
He wanted a robot some body that wont go cop
And start asking question or make him do right when he so not
See a queen aint scared to question her king
And a good king can bear to take lessons from his queen
Deteriorated infuriated inferior
Don’t feel like we men no more so we fake superior