RE: Turn

By Melissa DiGrazia

My other half went missing.
Perhaps you have seen him?
He wears a smirk and hangs around
dirty bars with loose women.
My daughter and I have been waiting…
Nearly a year… for his

Return me to when times were new.
When love was new,
When feelings were mutual,
Though in your mind,
never mutually exclusive.
A time before I KNEW.

I turn and face the mirror.
That’s me, right there, right here.
More thin, but….
Still here.
I turn to look at our daughter.
She is lovely and beautiful and brilliant,
And she is half you and half me.
She is growing quickly and she is
Still here.
All that is missing is you.

You are missing so much,
As much as you are missed…
And your visits are becoming less and less.
Can you not see that I am trying to show you what is important?
She is. She is love.

She is number one in my life,
But you treat her as a job,
And you call me with your bullshit excuses to cancel,
When I AM THE ONE who sees her disappointed face,
And I am the one who sees her tears and hears her cries.
She’s six. She doesn’t understand.

Either fix it or leave. Completely.
Turn and walk away for good,
instead of charming us with your niceties.
Turn and walk away from us and I will reap all of the benefits,
And you will die alone.
Still loved by us, but still alone.
I tried to tell you.