The Return

By Jeremy Robinson

Southern hymns begin the song,
That sings to a six string Dove,
Green Country rains bathe the dogs,
That patrol the fence to show their love,
The sun as hot as the summer day long,
Pink are the petals of the rose,
That fill the gulf wind, and swirl,
Creek County smiles wear the neighbors,
That greet you from a long journey gone,
The smell as sweet as her pecan pie,
Dry rotted wood and glass cover the seats,
That hold the frame of people and their laughs,
Chieftan blue and white paint the windows,
That fill the faded bricks of Dewey,
The parade as slow as the Christmas Cold,
Smoked ribs warm the bones,
After icy storms make a gleaming crystal coat,
Arkansas River sand covers the roads,
That lead you on your way back home,
The ghosts as many as the reasons you return.