The Urban Legend of a Nine Year Old Boy’s Angelic Eyes

By Claude Robert Hill IV

Can’t go to grandma’s house any more,
without getting shot down.
Little red riding hood tried to warn me to hit the ground.
I guess she wasn’t that hood after all.
They shot her up…
something gruesome.
There was dead written over her lifeless corpse.
And they murdered me as well.
Murdered that nine year old boy version of me.
Filled my little body up with multiple bullets.
They wrote their own coach ticket to the pits of hell.
All that is left of me is my once beaming
now lifeless smile.
There is a chalk outline around my smile.
For wicked and evil men stole my breaths and my haloed smile
away from me.
Lured me towards…
I mean..
a fourth grade boy into the lion’s den.
Stripped away the meat from my longevity…
from my once living skin.
Stripped away the strong king…
The man I could have been
from a future that I might of lived.
My future denied from cowardly, ignorant men.
Murdered my chances of lifting up black consciousness
out of self hating realities.
Found my nine year old body laying all about.
In many bloody parts
Scattered everywhere in the alley.
In life I always carried my basketball with me.
Everywhere to say the least.
The only thing left of me is that bouncing basket ball
Still, bouncing in my absence…
In that scary alley.
people can still hear my basket ball bouncing
night and day.
My murder so long ago is now considered an urban legend.
My nine year old soul has never left.
It resides in the soul of that basket ball.
Just bouncing up and down.
Just bouncing up and down.
A young kid starts playing with my bouncing basket ball.
The kid took the bouncing basketball away with him.
They became in time best friends.
The kid took that basket ball, with him everywhere.
Just like I used to do when I was alive;
Until one day some crooked, evil men tried to murder
that little boy.
They called themselves ‘Savages.’
They were born long ago
into the stink of the ghetto
on the South side of Chicago.
Then my purpose was revealed to me,
As the bouncy basketball sprouted angel wings…
My forever soul ignited its thrusting pulse.
The awakening magical force began to emanate from the bouncy basket ball
to protect this young child
in his time of need.
As the bouncy basket ball bounced up into mid air;
Creating bursting white lights.
So bright that it blinded all the trigger happy men.
Actually, it melted their eye balls in their eye sockets.
They fell down
Then ran away.
The little boy who owns my bouncy basket ball now smiles back at
my angelic smile appearing on the basket and says,
‘Are you my guardian angel? I love you! Please take me to my, Moms!’
The bouncy basket ball fell on the ground and rolls over to an angel boy,
About nine years old,
With the biggest spread out angelic wings…
The little boy smiles some more,
while the nine year old angel boy
takes the precious little boy home to see his moms.
This is one of many tales of a Nine Year Old Boy’s Angelic Eyes;
who has come to protect all Black children.
Any child.
At any given time.