The Wolf

By Colleen Soppet

I see you standing there
Do you dare come near
Let go of your chains?
And take control of these reins?

I see the dark
The dangerous mark
That rests on your soul
It burns like a hot coal

It controls you with fear
There is so much to bare
You wish to let go
But its noose is your bow

That is the color of back
Against the wall
Crouched, not standing tall

Why do you give in
Please look up and lift that chin
In your hollow eyes there is life
Words can hurt, they cut like a knife

Dear Wolf, please stand up
I see your empty cup
I know your hunger
Awaken from your dark slumber

I see the light
I know your constant fight
Do not be afraid
Giving up is not a fair trade

Your heart is warm
Your soul is worn
Your body is beat
But this is not defeat

I will not run
I will not make fun
Show me your wounds
What makes you hollow at full moons

You are not a beast
Far from it at least