To A Man Unknown

By Adam Ebert

You’re still around, but you’re not here.
A ghost, a ghoul, and an invisible man.
Your shadow left to deepen our fear.
Dismantling our strength, our strongest plan.

Maybe it’s not your fault but maybe it is your fault.
And if it is, maybe you will never know.
A simple wish to stand wise and strong and tall.
Trees left planted but roots left ingrown.

Tears are quick and free and love without.
They help release, catharsis for the heart.
A path ran black and smooth with doubt.
On which my feet tremble and stumble in part.

Grow strong, grow tall, grow wise, my boys.
Look upon her heart and forget my blind fear.
Dash forward into the night and use your voice.
There with her is love, a heart to break and tear.

A man you knew but of whom no memory is left.
A voice you hear but cannot repeat until above.
A love you understand but a heart you’ve never felt.
A man unknown in death but remembered in love.