2018 Visual Arts Editor’s Dialogue

By Victoria Strole

The arts have always been servants of communicating the deepest experiences of humanity. They exercise our understanding of emotions and broaden our perceptions to better understand who we are. Art gives us the chance to look closely, be honest with ourselves, and evolve; linking who we are now to who we are becoming. That is why the arts are so important and must be part of our everyday lives.

The fingerprint in the background throughout the journal is a symbol we all recognize as the idea of unique identity. Every work in this issues whether it speaks explicitly to the theme of identity or not, is a link between your present and future self. The dialogue between the artist and society now includes you, and through this exchange you, the artist, and our culture are being changed. And that’s the spirit of Reconstructed Journal- to always be looking with wondering eyes and for chances to reinvent ourselves.