World to Be

By Shahenaz Ahmad

Take one good look at the world
Tell me, what do you see?
You see I’m not blind with this world’s so-called “design”
Yes, I’m young and faced with many obstacles
I walk down this empty road
Where all truth begins with lies
Do you see what I see? Because truly I see that there is no equality
My rights of humanity have been caged in like a jail cell
Believe me, there is so much more to tell
As I walk down this empty road
Of blood spillings
And tears flowing along the side
All for peace and justice they abide
So we can all live in ease, they recite
So I stand strong hand in hand
With my people from side to side
Chanting stop the oppression you have brought all to mankind
I will take the prophet’s words into vain
When he says if one person is oppressed
Then the whole world is all in pain
I will walk into the blazing sun or into scorching fire
Just to end all sufferings that all people desire
Just to fight for freedom with all my might
Like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X
Defending all rights
To live in a good state of mind
O, how hard in this world to find
I will defend all that with my last breath
For you, Peace,
I will finally rest